How to Mature

This does not happen automatically. You must first understand God’s thoughts. That is why we spent three chapters talking about correct interpretation. Good hermeneutics is the first way to begin to renew the mind. It is also why renewing the mind without Scripture is almost impossible. Where else do you go to learn what God thinks about life, holiness, sin, death and judgment? Adequate time must be given to the study of God’s word, which is nothing more than the revelation of what God thinks.

Meditation on God’s Word is also a key element in renewing the mind. Not only does meditation help in the interpretation process, but it also is the means of praying about the truth considered. Meditation on Scripture opens your heart to hear from the Holy Spirit who not only gives the right understanding, but also shows you how to properly apply it to your life.


Be Ready to Admit Your Failures and Assume Responsibility.

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Have you ever watched a toddler learn to walk? The very name toddler suggests failure. It means to walk with short, unsteady steps. It speaks of instability. And true to name, the child falls trying to learn. As we try to learn to walk in the Spirit—to get our spiritual legs—we will stumble and fall. It is part and parcel of growing in Christ.

There is something else true about the toddler, which should be true about the Christian, and that is when the toddler falls he or she gets up to try again. The way you get up is to refuse to stay down. This process of trial and error is a humble course, but the way of Christ is the way of humility, even though He never failed. Those who exalt themselves, Jesus warned, are humbled, in contrast to those who humble themselves are exalted.

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