How to Study Gods Word

In the first chapter we discussed one of the evidences of a person’s conversion is a hunger for the Bible. There is a desire to learn more about this wonderful Redeemer that saves from sin. The Bible plays a significant role in this quest to know Christ. Since the Bible is the testimony of Christ, the Christian will want to explore its vast knowledge of the One who died for him. It’s like a treasure trove waiting for someone to discover it.

Regeneration has changed the Christian’s heart. Where once the Bible was a lifeless book, it now is a living book that speaks to the heart. It becomes the rule for faith and the authority for life.

But how do you effectively study the Bible? Do you start reading wherever the Bible falls open? Or do you start at the beginning and read through? Are there rules for reading the Bible? These are just some of the questions that new Christians ask. Hopefully, they will all have an answer in the next few lessons.

In this chapter we will discuss tools that are available to help you study the Bible for yourself. We are so fortunate to be living at a time when such aids are readily available. Many believers in third world conditions do not have access to such tools. And if they do they often do not have the resources to acquire them.

Before discussing tools and aids, there are some principles that no matter where you are from if you have a Bible you can perform. These principles are necessary for good Bible study.
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