How to Study Gods Word

Principles for Study

Study When You Are Physically Alert.

There are challenges, that one cannot control, that come to Bible study. Physical alertness need not be one. Find your optimum or near optimum time of the day when your mind is alert to think. This may be difficult to do because of responsibilities such as work or school. But we must remember that our responsibility to God outranks all other responsibilities. We need to give our best to God. And we need God’s best to live for Him.


Study Where You Can Be Alone and Uninterrupted.

It is a help to have a place where you can study without distractions. Again there are enough challenges to Bible study. We must eliminate as many as we can to ensure quality time.


Study Prayerfully.

It should go without saying, but so often reading and studying our Bibles becomes routine and mechanical. The reality of God’s presence is what makes the difference. You cannot read your Bible without prayer. Otherwise, the Bible will become lifeless.

We often find prayer difficult. Incorporating prayer with Bible study makes prayer easier. The Word will guide us into what God’s will is, which informs us on how to pray. Praying about what you are reading will help make what you read understandable.
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