Is the Bible Gods Word

Let’s go one step further to illustrate the remarkableness of the unity of the Bible. Take forty scholars from the same town, time period and give them all the same subject to write their opinions. Would they all agree? Again the likelihood of such would be terribly small. What if we take just ten scholars all from the same place, time, and same walks of life? Would all ten agree? Yet, the Bible written by over forty men from different walks of life, over a span of almost 2,000 years, covering not one but many controversial subjects, and yet shows perfect unity with no contradictions.

It would seem by this alone that the Bible has to have one super-mind behind it all. One divine author influenced men to write His message to mankind. But there is more evidence than this.


Inspired Because of its Perseverance

The Bible, unlike any other book of antiquity or modern times, has endured the ages. It has survived attack, deterioration, and all of the ravages of time. The question is why and how? How did the books of the Bible survive all God’s enemies as well as earth’s elements, and maintain the interest of succeeding generations? Surely, one must consider the possibility that there is a God that preserves the Scriptures.
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