Jesus — Immanuel or Imposter?

26 - ChapterTen-Virtue&DietyOfChrist
For some religions there is no need of a main figure. For example, if you removed Buddha from Buddhism it would not matter, because Buddhism teaches that there are many Buddhas. The religion is not based upon a person, but on a set of ideals. Hinduism has millions of gods; the loss of one would make no difference. But Christianity would not exist if it were not for Christ Jesus. The whole Christian doctrine revolves around the fact that Jesus is who He says He is.

Only Jesus said He was the “way, the truth and the life.” Christ said that if you had seen Him you had seen God, the Father. If He were not divine, then His death could not merit any sinner eternal life. Therefore, the whole of our faith rests squarely on our Lord’s shoulders, as well as all the attacks against its validity. If it can be proven that Jesus is not God in the flesh, then all of our trust in is vain.

What answer can be given to the skeptic’s disbelief? How do you respond to the critic’s propaganda that the man from Nazareth was just a man or didn’t even exist? To give the answer that plainly proves Jesus is Immanuel and not an imposter requires some research and effort. Too many Christians are plainly too lazy to employ their minds, engage their wits, and examine the truth about Jesus. We are willing to accept the preacher’s words, since he is the one who studied to be the expert. God forbid we should study for ourselves and discover truth! Excuse the sarcasm, but this is more than an occasional problem.

But truth is not prejudiced against the non-academic; it’s ready to be cracked by anyone who is willing to exert the pressure to open its shell. Let’s proceed with the facts that will speak to a truly inquiring and open mind.
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