Sharing Your Faith

You might be asking, “Why have a chapter on witnessing? Shouldn’t I be learning more about the Bible and gaining more knowledge of God before I think about witnessing?”

Absolutely not! You don’t wait to gain some technique or expertise before you can share your new faith. The making of a witness is not by Bible study and much learning. The making of a witness is by experiencing God. If you have encountered Him, then you have something to testify about. God makes witnesses by revealing Himself to people. A witness is not made in the classroom; he is someone who has had an experience. He gives evidence by sharing what he has witnessed.

08 - ChapterThree-Evangelists&Witnesses
It is interesting that Jesus did not say to the apostles—the first teachers and preachers of the early church—that when the Spirit came upon them they would become teachers. He said they would become witnesses. And all who have experienced the grace of God are witnesses of God and His amazing love.

It is not necessary for you to wait to share your faith. It would be a sin to wait! If you have met the risen Savior, you are to give testimony to God’s grace.
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