Sharing Your Faith

That is why programmed evangelism is not the answer. Learning clever little alliterated outlines or presentations is not how God intended witnessing to occur. Do not misunderstand me—evangelistic techniques are not altogether useless. They are helpful to teach Christians the major components of the gospel. But there is an inherent danger with each one of them: they are not natural.

New Testament Christianity makes witnesses, it does not teach witnessing. In addition, witnesses are not men and women who have had one experience with Christ and they testify of that one experience. Witnesses are those who continually experience the Savior by the ongoing, living power of His Spirit.


The Reason You Are to be a Witness

Most evangelism is done because we don’t want to see people die and go to hell. But if you evangelize with this primary motive, you are sharing your faith from a weak motive. You are doing evangelism for a far lesser reason than why Christ and the apostles evangelized. It is no wonder why so many of us are failing in sharing Christ with others.

We should desire that none be lost. We should have great compassion and pity for the lost. But emotional stirrings for the lost are a poor motive to fuel witnessing. It makes witnessing dependent upon a feeling we often do not have.
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